Chronicle Home exists in that space between the makers and the buyers. In that creative void that pulses with possibility.

In an effort to follow a life calling, Taylor Ross created Chronicle Home so expertly skilled craftsmen could design and make fine furniture pieces worthy of the courts of royals. After living in Russia and Mongolia, Taylor began making wooden bathtubs and encouraging other woodworkers to extend their craft and hone their skills. These master craftsmen worship with their hands, using wood and metal as their instruments, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of heirloom furniture that will last for generations.

Designed by some of the best, each piece is crafted together with the highest level of intentionality and attention to detail. We collaborate with designers in each medium, ensuring we source and use the best materials available.

Each collection tells a story–the idea of the designer, the history of the materials, and the wisdom of the craftsman–all married together to make something beautiful for you. How can Chronicle Home be a page in your story?